Paradise found

Well, after four days floating in the Caribbean ocean and sampling the goods from the local Rastafarians, look what happened to my hair! I can't do a thing with it!

It's okay though, mon. I like getting Eirie. Sun, sand, saltwater, rum, and a little ganja made this holiday season one to remember! I think I'm going to retire to an island out there one day.

Nine days on Sint Maarten, NA/ Saint Martin, FVI really rejuvenated me, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


new post

i haven't written in a while... so here it comes

this is a little difficult, as my cat is sitting right in my line of sight, between the monitor and my head! little shit...gotta love him, though, doesn't give me any shit, rarely complains, and is content to look out the window for ours on end.

times like this, when he sits on my desk and randomly pushes the items lying there onto the floor or tries to climb the walls, i wonder, though. he has a chronic sinus problem, and he sneezes a lot, too; in my face, on the floor on the wall, on his own face where he cannot reach it, sometimes in the eye. hopefully i'm around to catch that when it happens, oherwise, it hardens to a shiny enamalized finish. i've gotten to the point that i'd rather pick a wet one up on my finger than try to get a cured one off most surfaces

ha! here i am writing about cat snot and my other one is front and center now, climbing into my face, looking for a place to knead on my neck.

now he's off, under the desk pulling on the wire to the keyboard. what a smart little fucker. actually he's co-dependent. all of this shit is just so he can get atttention.

now he heard the bats in the attic and he's pissed he can't get through the ceiling, standing on my printer, making his hunting chatter.

i really need to get up there and find out what is going on, but i'd rather not have to deal with the bats, as they don't know where they are going half the time. i can hear their little sonars going off once in a while, telling me the scratching noises up there are not your regular rodents. actually it's kind of neat, unless you consider the very real health risk created by a build up their droppings - shit

another reason i'm avoiding going up there. don't need any more threats to my health, considering it's present state.

bats in the belfry! still like the way that sounds, in spite of the classic connotation, but then again, i've been diagnosed as such, so wtf



well, it's finally out, and for all those naysayers who think it's a waste of time and/or money, go ahead and avoid it, your loss. of course, I'm talking about Hollywood's latest offering, Snakes on a Plane. sure, it's hokey, and a very far fetched idea to say the least. with that in mind, go see it for fun and I guarantee you will laugh, jump, and maybe even cry. this flick never promised to be an Oscar contender, and considering the other offerings for the particular week when it was released, it's a better bang for the buck. there are too many good one liners, outrageous scenes, and over the top special effects to disregard this movie. A pretty thin plot line, and some questionalbe acting, but all that aside, GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It will make you laugh, and if you don't, it sucks to be you!!



Woa and mercy to the weak, poor, underpriveldged, and downtrodden. Woa to all who suffer. I feel for you, for I was once there. Now I am here to tell you that you can overcome your miseries, or at least learn to deal with them in a happier light.

Why am I preaching happiness, now? Because I know it can be found, or at least a midway point between misery and bliss, for even the most miserable of them all. I've looked death in the eye on more than one occassion. I've lived on the streets in my car. I've seen the third world slums where children barely able to walk peddle chewing gum while weary mothers nurse their young on the dirty sidewalk.

I've been to fine restaruants, lived in posh, uppercrust suburbs, and traveled the world. I've seen the best and worst of both worlds, and I have chosen to push myself to attain the creature comforts that will make me happy while doing what I can to help those less fortunate than me.

Of course, I have had help along the way, but I fought, worked, pushed through illness, serious relapse, and several near nervous breakdowns to get through all the bullshit to be where I am. It isn't panacea by any means, but I know enough to realize that I am a hell of a lot better off than many others. And even if the easy job I have were to be gone tomorrow, I know I would push on. What else can I do?

It's been almost 20 years since I was first told I probably had about three years to live - five at most. Wrong prognosis, though I have often wished it would have come to pass. Most of my friends with similar warnings left soon thereafter, long since free from this physical world. So here I sit, my body wasted from the drugs that have kept me alive, yet I'm healthy, so why not enjoy what I have here?

Sure I can't afford a pool in my backyard for these hot summer days, but I can find ways to deal with the heat. I don't fly first class when I travel, but I do get out of here on occassion.

I know there is another place beyond here, but right now I'm HERE! I'll deal with the other realm when the time comes. In the meantime, no more crying. I'm gonna live my life to the fullest materially, recreationally,
and narcissistically, with the occassional bout of hedonistic living thrown in for real fun.

Yet, as I write this, my parnter is lying downstairs with
pneumonia, taking meds for three days, but showing no signs of improvemt. Does this make me sad, worried, or anxious, my diagnosis of choice? Of course it does, but one must understand that life is a journey, and sometimes things are out of our control. And somtimes they are well within our control. It's those things one has control over that must be conquered with passion and persistence, if one truly hopes to find any kind of happiness in this world. Of course, it's easier said than done, and if you are one of those who knows there are things you can conrol to make your life a little more bearable but don't know how to go about it, look, listen, or ask! I could go on with a list of resources, but I've already rambled long enough, now it's time to check this shit and see if it's worth publishing.

Five minutes later:
Well, it really doesn't make much sense, but since I have a blog and I've spent about 40 minutes on this, here goes...besides, of the three or four who read this, I doubt anyone will get this far...


Week One

Well, It's been a week since the cats arrived in my life...there are toys strewn about the house, and about 200 pictures have been taken...

you'd think I'd get a little better handle on how to set the camera up by now...

so far it's been trial and error, with a few lucky shots here and there...

actually, I don't think can get the shutter speed fast enough to always get a good shot with these guys, they're quick

...hey, has anyone seen Blue?